Ashby Ponds is the very best senior living community in Virginia. To enhance living in this Erickson Living community, residents are offered many amenities and here are just few: fitness center, billiards and games room, barbershop, creative art studio and two restaurants. So when Robin’s Next Café, one of Ashby Ponds’ most popular restaurants, experienced cracks in their Corian food service countertops, they immediately requested repairs. All Ashby Ponds residents and their families commonly enjoy this popular cafeteria and their delicious food. The food – whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner – is typically served hot and heated in hot wells for extended periods of time, or until the dining services are finished. In the Robin’s Nest Café, there were 11 significant cracks discovered, all originating from the hot wells. Sometimes, countertops that are exposed to extreme heat can cause unsightly cracks that you just can’t take your eyes off!


Our goal at SurfaceLink is to leave your countertops looking as new as the day they were first installed. After extensive research and dedication, we not only implemented a way to repair all the cracks in Robin’s Nest Café, but we also protected the countertops from cracking in the future. Three of our highly skilled and certified technicians, Steve, Rob, and Jeff, addressed each crack meticulously as possible. SurfaceLink went above and beyond by installing steel frames to give the countertops extra protection against extreme temperatures. The countertops look even better than before and Ashby Ponds couldn’t be happier!