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We have been repairing countertops since 1995. From small repair jobs to large modifications, we can help you.

What it's all about.

Repairing surfaces is an art as much as a procedure. Our technicians are not only artists but also perfectionists. Is is what sets us apart from the others.

Using our proprietary methods we repair cracks, scratches, chips and other types of damage to Solid Surface countertops like LG Hi-Macs, Avonite, Wilsonart Gibraltar, DuPont Corian and others. We also specialize in the repair of Quartz countertops such as LG Viatera, Corian Quartz, Zodiaq, Vadara, Hanstone, Radianz and others.

Our technicians use diamond tooling, and high tech adhesives such as UV resins and epoxies to repair damage to natural stone surfaces such as Granite, Marble, Quartzite and Travertine.

And we are one of the very few companies that can repair and restore Quartz Surfaces (also known as Engineered Stone) and Recycled Glass surfaces such as IceStone.

Some of the surfaces we cover.


Solid Surfaces




And more...

The SurfaceLink technician came to our house on Monday, October 19 to repair a 15-inch crack in our Corian countertop. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and helpful, he was quite personable, too! What a great time we all had while he was here! I was here the entire time. My grown son and my husband were here part of the time. Your technician was happy to show us what he was doing and explain why plus he answered our questions. The crack was in a corner and a brown inlay was involved but he was able to make it look like new–keeping the inlay intact. He repaired the crack and cleaned up every bit of mess. He did an AMAZING repair job! He gave me lots of helpful hints, too. He is truly THE BEST Even the dogs loved him (and one of them is pretty picky). I HIGHLY recommend SurfaceLink. Thank you for sending the VERY BEST CERTIFIED TECHNICIAN to our house.

Jill L.

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