Did you know that your granite or marble countertop needs periodic sealing? Give us a call to get a quick quote. Choose our 15 year warranted “More Sealer” treatment or standard sealer. Either one is a great choice.

What it's all about.

Sealer is applied and sits just below the surface of a countertop, protecting against stains and minerals that can seep into the pores of the stone and discolor or damage it. Properly done, it is worth every penny.

We offer our standard sealer, which helps protect your counter for at least a year in most cases. After that we recommend yearly sealing.

Or you can have us apply an upgraded sealer called “More” sealer. Basically, this offers protection against staining and etching for 15 years! And it comes with a warranty. Best of all, we are trained and authorized by “More” to use their special technique and apply their sealer. So you will get it done right.

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