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From first contact to final restoration, each Surface Link team member knows your complete satisfaction is a shared responsibility—and the overall experience is everything.

Our History.

Surface Link was started by John Vatis in 1995. John co-owned a countertop fabrication company in Virginia and realized that with the new countertop materials being introduced, and countertop replacement becoming a large expense, there was a need for dedicated countertop repair.

John sold his half of the company (which is still running), started Surface Link and never looked back.

First he provided repairs for local fabricators and businesses. Then he handled a few local repairs for a national manufacturer. Soon he was asked to handle repairs in neighboring states. Then other manufacturers heard about Surface Link and asked for help with repairs. As John tells it “I just kept saying yes”. A few years later, Surface Link covered the entire U.S., then expanded to Canada. John continues to run Surface Link, working daily with his technicians, instructing and teaching. When he isn’t doing that he can be found in his R&D facility, inventing and improving methods of repair and restoration.

The authority on Surface Repair and Restoration.

Our People.

It is difficult to find people with experience in this type of business. Because, well… there are very few people that do this type of work. So we find and train people the old fashioned way.

Each of our people have learned the business from the ground up. So we do everything we can to keep them. Our office staff, which consists of Customer Service Representatives, Residential and Commercial Estimators, Project Managers to our Bookkeeper and our Manager, all have been with us for many, many years.

And most of our technicians are trained at our headquarters in person. Others have the experience already. Each technician is background checked and is provided technical support from John on an ongoing basis. Many of them have been with us for 10, 15 and even 20 years.

Our people are the heartbeat of our business. They are one of a kind and we know it.

Our Certifications.

Our office staff come from many previous career paths. Sales, Granite and Solid Surface to name a few. But most importantly, because we take care of our people, they stick around, and the result is they gain top level knowledge of the industry. We know, it makes a difference to talk to someone who really knows their stuff. Who can really answer questions thoughtfully. Period.

In addition, John was a fabricator of Solid Surface and Quartz Surfaces for many years prior to starting Surface Link and holds the title of “certified instructor” for several manufacturers. The valuable insight that John has gained over the years, has led surfacing manufacturers to request his R&D on their products.

Many of our technicians are certified fabricators of Solid Surface and Quartz Surfaces and one of our technicians is a certified Corian Fabrication Instructor. We are also certified to perform More Sealer applications. And all of our technicians are Surface Link Repair Technician certified.

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