Refinish, Buff and Polish

We can make your countertop look like new again. Solid Surface, Marble, Granite, Quartz Surfaces (Engineered Stone) or Recycled Glass. We remove scratches and stains and repolish your surfaces using our dustless Watermist®️ process.

What it's all about.

Refinishing and restoring surfacing products requires the use of high quality abrasives and tooling. For solid surfaces, such as Corian, Formica Solid Surface, Starron, Hi-Macs and others we use high quality aluminum oxide abrasives and large sanding machines. We use our proprietary WaterMist process to eliminate the dust. No finish comes close to the finish that this amazing process produces.

For Granite, Marble, Travertine and exotic stones like Quartzite we use a combination of the latest diamond abrasives and high grade polishing powders. And our technicians carry a wide variety of polishing and grinding tools to refurbish every type of stone.

Quartz Surfacing (Engineered Stone) requires a different approach because it consists of two completely different materials – plastic resin and real pieces of quartz, molded into one slab. We use a proprietary method and developed our own polishing pads over many years of research to refinish and refurbish this popular surfacing product. No one else can do this. Period.

I just wanted to shoot you an email to let you know how happy I am with my granite repair. It looks great I am very relieved that the crack is repaired and my water leak problems are over in the kitchen. The guys who did the job (Steve and John) worked close to a 12 hour day grinding, sanding, and polishing the granite until they were satisfied.. They took no personal phone calls and focused the entire day discussing and working the job at hand in my kitchen. I could tell that quality really means a lot to them. They are real craftsmen. I also understand John is the owner. The fact that he devoted the entire day in my kitchen making sure things were done right when he runs a business with 40-50 people scattered across the country really impressed me as well.  

Peter G.

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