Sink Replacements and Counter Modifications

Need a new sink, but don't want to replace your whole countertop? Want to replace your cooktop with a newer model? We perform this service every day. And right in your home!

What it's all about.

There is a wide variety of countertop modifications that can be done, and we do them all. Need your countertop cut to fit your new refrigerator or cooktop? We can do that.

We cut and grind the ends of countertops while using dust control equipment so there is no mess.

We have modified hundreds of countertops to allow a new Cooktop, Stove, or Slide-In Range to fit right into place.

Sink replacements are something we do frequently. We remove the old sink, modify the opening, and install the new sink. It’s that easy! Time to upgrade that old, stained, and cracked sink.

We will help you through the process, and get the job done.

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