Q&A’s: What is a Watermist Refinish? How do you measure your countertop for a Watermist Refinish?

If you have scratches, nicks or burns on your solid surface countertop or simply looking to freshen up your countertops with our Watermist Refinish, read below! We have answered some of your most common questions about our Watermist Refinish, including what a Watermist Refinish is, our dust control process, and how to measure your countertops.

1) Question: My solid surface countertop has multiple scratches and dulled areas from daily use. I don’t want to replace my countertops because that will be too expensive. How can I freshen up my countertops or get them to look shiny again?

Answer: Looks like your countertops are in need of a SurfaceLink Watermist Refinish. Solid Surface countertops were created for a lifetime of easy care. With the proper care and maintenance routine every 3 to 5 years, your countertops will be bacteria free and will retain their original, brand new look and feel for years to come!  During a refinish, your local technician will remove scratches, chips, blotchy areas and burn marks on your solid surface countertops…just in time for your holiday dinner parties!

2) Question: I’ve heard there is a lot of dust involved in getting countertops refinished, is this true – will there be a lot of dust?

Answer: We get this question a lot, and the answer is no, not with SurfaceLink’s Watermist refinishing method. With SurfaceLink’s new patent-pending Watermist Refinish, our Certified Technicians can resurface your counters without all the dust and mess that is typically associated with refinishing countertops. We will first put up a dust tent that will protect the surrounding cabinetry in the areas where we work. We also use a misting or water method, which practically eliminates dust. In addition, we use a vacuum hose attachment that also captures any remaining dust in the process. We are in and out of your home in 3 to 4 hours.

Check out our Dust Control Process Video:

3) Question: I’m ready to get my countertops looking brand new again and decided to go with a Watermist Refinish! I’ve been asked to measure my countertops – What’s the best way to measure?

Answer: Great question! Measuring your countertops can be quiet confusing, but is actually pretty simple. Here are the steps on how to measure your countertops:

1) Use your tape measure to measure your countertop from Left to Right (Length), which will be the longest section of your countertop, along the back wall.

2) Next, use your tape measure to measure your countertop from Front to Back (Depth), which is the shortest section of your countertop from the front edge to where your countertop meets the wall.

3) Calculate and record.

Note: Always measure the “outside” dimensions (this means from the back corner of the cabinet or existing top to the other back corner). Make sure you measure in inches (1 Foot = 12 inches).

Check out this video on how to measure your countertops for our Watermist Refinish:

Some notes to consider when measuring:

  • We only really need left-to-right measurements.  Front-to-back is important only if it’s deeper than 27”
  • Don’t worry about subtracting out sinks and or appliances, though let us know they’re there
  • Include any desk areas, bar tops, pass-throughs, or any other areas that have solid surface tops
  • Let us know if any surfaces that need refinishing are in different rooms or on a different floor

We hope this post is helpful! If you have any questions or concerns about our Watermist Refinish or any other service, our friendly, knowledgeable estimators will be able to assist you – just give us a call at 1-800-482-1774 prompt #1.