Here’s what you need to know when picking countertops for different spaces of your home.

A Pros & Cons list from professionals with over 25 years experience in the countertop business.

Let’s talk Solid Surface!

Solid Surface is extremely easy to keep clean using products you already have in your home that remove everyday dirt & grime. These countertops are germ resistant, which make them an excellent choice in the bathroom. Solid Surface countertops are also easily repairable. With all kinds of colors and designs available to you, this is a great option if you have a busy home and want a countertop that is easy to maintain.

On the flip side, Solid Surface can burn and stain if not taken care of. You’ll need to take precautions when placing hot pots & pans on the surface. Using trivets & cutting boards can help prevent heat from damaging, and potentially cracking your countertop. While not expensive or too inconvenient, you’ll need to refinish your countertop periodically. See our blog 3 Easy Tips to Maintain Your Solid Surface Countertops for more information.

Solid Surface countertops for your kitchen:

Pros Summary: Easy to clean, repairable, all colors and design options avail, integral sinks.
Cons Summary: Burns easily, susceptible to cracks, need to refinish periodically.

Solid Surface countertops for your bathroom:

  Pros Summary: Non porous, germ resistant, warmer than stone, can be used in several applications including walls and floors.
  Cons Summary: Utilitarian look, cosmetics can stain the surface.

Now, what about Granite & Stone?

Granite is the most popular choice for countertops today. With its beautiful, natural shine and the uniqueness in each stone, it’s a perfect countertop choice for the kitchen. Granite is heat resistant, but just like with all countertops, you’ll want to be careful when placing anything hot on the surface. Having stone in your home is a great option that gives you a modern look and is a great investment in your home.

With all countertop options, there are pros and cons. Despite the beauty of stone in your home, it is easy to chip on the edges from everyday usage. Granite countertops will need to be sealed annually. Easy to do yourself, or by hiring a professional like Surface Link, it is necessary to keep your countertop looking great and prevent staining. See our blog Granite sealing, is it necessary? YES. for more information on sealing. Granite is susceptible to staining so you’ll want to avoid leaving red wine and other colored liquids on your countertop for long periods of time.

Granite/Stone countertops for your kitchen:

Pros Summary: Beautiful/shiny, natural, durable, heat resistant.
Cons Summary: Chips easily, needs to be sealed, damage is not easily repaired.

Granite & Stone countertops for your bathroom:

Pros Summary: Beautiful/shiny, can match decor of your bathroom.
Cons Summary: Cold, hard, slippery, susceptible to staining, needs to be sealed.


In summary, these countertops will work in both rooms, but our professional suggestion, in most cases, is Stone/Granite for the kitchen, and Solid Surface for the bathrooms.

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