Did you know that SurfaceLink recently hosted the ISFA CEO Roundtable conference over the summer?

In one of our previous blog posts, we went into detail about the International Surface Fabricators Association, our membership with the association, and how SurfaceLink is one of the new ISFA Solid Surface Fabrication Training Centers for the United States and Canada. Many ISFA Training classes and events take place at our headquarters here in Chantilly, VA. But on June 3 and 4, SurfaceLink not only hosted the ISFA CEO Roundtable conference this year, but our President, John Vatis, and Vice President, Jackie O’Neill, also attended and participated in this exclusive networking experience.

The two-day ISFA CEO Roundtable conference provided the opportunity for executive management professionals to share their experiences, concerns, and discuss topics relating to running a small, successful business. A total of nine professionals were in attendance, all with different backgrounds in fabrication, distribution, surface repair and restoration, material manufacturing, and healthcare, which made this round-table discussion very diverse! Each professional in attendance was able to express their views, thoughts, and opinions from their side of the industry. The topics ranged from marketing efforts, business strategies, distribution, fabrication, and the future of solid surface.

SurfaceLink hosts ISFA CEO Roundtable conference

The executive professionals in mid-discussion at the ISFA CEO Roundtable conference at the SurfaceLink headquarters in Chantilly, VA.

“The CEO Roundtable discussion facilitated by ISFA was a unique experience to engage with industry experts from around the country and the world,” proclaimed Jessica McNaughton, the President of CaraGreen in Raleigh, North Carolina. “The wealth and knowledge and expertise was incredible. We covered topics from marketing to HR to driving sales and addressing industry change. The small group size allows you to make true relationships, and ultimately, partnerships with industry peers and businesses. My company will certainly direct bottom-line benefits based on my experience at this event. I look forward to attending another.”

Like Jessica McNaughton, many attendees agreed that the experience was beneficial and would definitely recommend having more sessions and discussions like the CEO Roundtable event in the future! To read more about the ISFA CEO Roundtable, check out the ISFA magazine, Countertops & Architectural Surfaces, Volume 8, Issue 3, pages 35-36.