In the spring of 2014, SurfaceLink was honored and humbled to be featured in the International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA) magazine. The ISFA article highlighted the history of SurfaceLink, our knowledgeable operations staff and certified technicians, our headquarters, and insight to our future endeavors.

The ISFA is a not-for-profit countertop trade association dedicated to helping consumers find the best decorative surfacing and countertop resources available. It also helps consumers find companies with the best quality, service, and standards.

As a trusted member of ISFA, SurfaceLink upholds to the strictest of business ethics and standards to better assist you throughout your countertop and sink project, and provide you with the best repair and modification results. In addition to being an ISFA member, SurfaceLink is also the new ISFA Solid Surface Fabrication Training Center for the United States and Canada; fabricators throughout the US and Canada are trained in our headquarters facilities to better their practices and services to meet manufacturer standards.

The SurfaceLink headquarters is uniquely a research and development shop, and a training facility. SurfaceLink President, John Vatis, explained, “It is this training that keeps the company on top of its game, which is key when constantly develops new repair methods and techniques.” We keep up with the latest countertop and sink trends, test out new repair equipment, develop new repair methods and techniques – all to make a positive difference in the countertop industry by providing better repair results.

“This type of work has been done on a national scale by very few people and, consequently, there are so many things to discover, invent. All of us – our operations staff and our technicians- continually come up with new ideas, techniques and approaches. It keeps us all fresh and enthusiastic. Everyone in our company says that they love this work. And this is a feel-good, people-helping business. We are the problem solvers and that’s a great feeling at the end of the day.” – John Vatis | President of SurfaceLink

In addition to serving as the new solid surface fabrication training center, SurfaceLink will also be hosting the 2-day ISFA CEO Roundtable conference on June 3 and June 4. This is an opportunity for executive management of fabricators to share their experiences, concerns and discuss topics relating to running a small, successful business. If you are a fabricator or someone who is interested in attending this conference, please click here for more information and event details.

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