The 50th edition of the Super Bowl is set to take place on February 7 in Santa Clara, California, where the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos will battle to win the Lombardi Trophy. If you’re like us and didn’t get a ticket to the big game, you’ll most likely spend your Super Bowl Sunday with friends and family, or maybe at a local bar. But, if you’re looking for the place that offers the best game day experience without actually being at the stadium, head to Buffalo Wild Wings! “Wings. Beer. Sports.”  is their motto and there’s no doubt that you’ll receive an abundance of all the above.

A little fun fact about this year’s Super Bowl Sunday: According to the National Chicken Council’s 2016 Wing Report, 1.3 billion wings will be eaten next weekend leading up to and during Super Bowl 50.

So with that being said, what better place to watch the Super Bowl (or funny commercials) while filling up on America’s new favorite game day snack than at B-DUBS or B-W3s, as many would call them. But before football fans flock to B-DUBS locations across the nation, there is a lot of preparation that goes into game day. Stocking up on the essentials, like beer and wings, are a must; however, making sure all the sinks and countertops are sturdy enough to take on these rowdy fans are just as important.

It’s no coincidence that the Buffalo Wild Wings’ countertops and bar tops look the most defeated after a day of football. We’ve seen it all from countertops splitting in half at the seams, countertop cracks coming from unexpected areas, chips on the edges of the bar tops, and even sink cracks! O-ma-how did this happen to the countertops you wonder? The official ruling from SurfaceLink confirms: football season with an interference from dedicated NFL fans.

Good thing SurfaceLink has been providing countertop and sink repair services to Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants since 2014. We have repaired bar tops, countertops, and sinks with damage including Corian countertop cracks, Corian countertop seam separations, Corian countertop chips, and Corian vanity sink separations, just to name a few. Check out our before and after photos below of some of the few Buffalo Wild Wings locations we’ve serviced.

Buffalo Wild Wings – Los Lunas, New Mexico

Buffalo Wild Wings – Scottsdale, Arizona

Buffalo Wild Wings – St. Joseph, Michigan

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