Corian Countertop Repair

Whether you’ve got a stain or some other damage, our team can address it and leave your countertop looking brand new.

Corian Countertop Repair Services

Corian is a solid surface non-porous material that can become damaged over time. This damage can affect its function and appearance. You don’t have to live with the damage or unsightly wear and tear, nor must you invest in a whole new countertop. Our team can restore your Corian countertop to like new condition using technologically advanced tools, techniques, and materials. We can erase stains, brighten colors, eliminate chips, and restore that high-gloss shine for greater durability. We can even adjust your countertop to accommodate new appliances or sinks, depending on your needs.

Our Corian countertop services include:

  • Corian countertop repairs
  • Corian countertop restorations
  • Corian countertop stain removal
  • Corian countertop sealing
  • Corian countertop deep cleaning
  • Corian countertop renewal
  • Corian countertop adjustments to accommodate new appliances or sinks

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