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RV Countertop Repair and Watermist Refinish

Eagle V, Jack Rebney, and About Schmidt – what do they all have in common? Winnebago!

Winnebago is one of the best known RV (recreation vehicle) and motor home brands on the market. There are many explorers who choose RVs as their mode of transportation, and we can definitely see the appeal! From the bedroom, the living space to the kitchen, you will feel like you’re traveling in your home, with the flexibility to go anywhere you please. Some travelers take on their cross-country journey in the spring and come back before winter. Other travelers start in the fall and return in the spring. That’s the benefit of the RV lifestyle – you have the freedom to go anywhere, any time, any season, and for as long as you’d like! But similar to living in a residential home, sometimes things get damaged especially in the close quarters of an RV. The plumbing can break, furniture can tear, and even kitchen countertops can crack.

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Wouldn’t we all love to travel in space in an RV like the Eagle 5 from Spaceballs?!

Our customer in Vienna, Virginia, just returned from their Montana trip. After miles of adventure in their Winnebago RV, it was recommended that they de-winterize their RV to make sure there were no leaks, that the anti-freeze was drained, and valves were closed properly.

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While examining all parts of their RV, the customer noticed a 4” crack located on the edge of one of their RV solid surface countertops. The customer called their RV representative, who gave them a couple of recommendations, but none of the companies worked in RVs. In fact, they all recommended they get their countertops replaced! The customer liked her Vendura solid surface countertops so much, that she decided to do a little research on her own to find a reputable countertop repair company.

Luckily, the customer stumbled upon Surface LinkThey gave us a call and our residential estimator, Michael, explained our simple three-step process. In addition to getting their 4” countertop crack repaired, the customer also wanted their solid surface kitchen countertops and solid surface vanity countertop to look brand new again – we were up for the job!

When Rob, our Northern Virginia Certified Technician, arrived, the customer gave a little tour of their RV – surprisingly really spacious!

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First Task – Repairing the 4″ Solid Surface Countertop Crack

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Second Task – Watermist Refinish on the Kitchen Countertops

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Third Task – Watermist Refinish on the Vanity Countertop

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This RV is ready to hit the road again!
The customer was thrilled with the results of the repair and Watermist refinish.

When it comes to RV countertop repair services, you can rely on us and our Certified Technicians  to complete the job wherever you are.  Whether your RV is parked at your home, on the road, at an RV park or campground, we’ll be the ones traveling to you for a change! We’ll complete your countertop or sink project in the convenience of your RV and all within one day! The best part about our services is that we can repair your countertops on site without having them removed.

If you are looking for an RV countertop repair or sink replacement service, just give us a call or fill out our “Get a Quote” form for a free estimate!

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