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It’s Not Just A Countertop. It’s Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Countertop.

Restoring and Repairing Countertops of America’s Favorite Pretzel Makers Since 2011

What’s the most known pretzel shop in America? For more than 26 years, Auntie Anne’s has been serving their famous, hand-rolled pretzels to customers throughout the US and many countries of the world. It all started in 1988, in the small town of Downingtown, PA, where Anne and Jonas Beiler sold their homemade pretzels and freshly squeezed lemonade at their local farmer’s market-it was a hit!

After Anne’s pretzel recipe was perfected, Auntie Anne’s was created and branched nationwide. Today, Auntie Anne’s has nearly 1,000 stores in 48 states and 31 countries. In fact, Auntie Anne’s produces nearly 97 million perfect pretzels a year! Each pretzel is made fresh to order and even comes with a “Perfect Pretzel Guarantee”.

How does Auntie Anne’s make the perfect pretzel? Auntie Anne’s production countertop is where the dough gets rolled out, cut, shaped and twisted into the perfect pretzel. These customized Corian countertops have unique Auntie Anne’s perfect pretzel templates, to guarantee that each pretzel is the perfect shape and size. Because of the countless number of pretzels made on these Auntie Anne’s countertop surfaces each day, it’s no doubt that the surfaces will dull, scratch, crack and even chip.

Good thing for Surface Link—we’ve been repairing and restoring Auntie Anne’s countertops nationwide since 2011! Whether we have to re-create the pretzel template on the Corian countertop, repair a crack at a kiosk in the food court, or complete a refinish to remove scratches and dull marks in a franchise store, Surface Link will cater to the hours of the Auntie Anne’s store schedule by completing repairs before or after hours to minimize the interruption during the normal business hours.

No matter the scope of the project, you can always trust that Surface Link will repair and restore any countertop surface back to its original condition!

Here’s what the the pretzel template on one of the Auntie Anne’s countertops looked like before:

This is how the countertops looked after we worked our magic on the template:

Here’s a repair we completed at the end of a broken production countertop:

An overall view of the repair:

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Do you have Solid Surface, Engineered Stone, Granite or another type of surface that is in need of repair work, modifications, or refinishing? Surface Link repairs all types of surface damage, no job is too small or large; from the smallest chip or scratch in your counter to the most extreme damage.

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Whether you require repairs to a conference room table or a complete refinish of all surfaces in a high rise office building, our technicians are professionally trained and certified to repair, restore, modify and refinish any type of damaged surface area. We also provide optional after-hour services to minimize interruption in your place of business.

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Want a reference? Surface Link is the Inspection, Repair and Sink Replacement Service Agent for several manufacturers and distributors. Call one of them now to hear more about us!

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