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Countertop and Sink Services: How to Protect your Investment

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According to a Home Advisor report, homeowners can spend up to a whopping $14,000 on their new countertops, depending on the surface size and the type of material being installed. That’s a pretty penny – but, you know what? It’s worth it! Countertops and sinks are investments, and both features can definitely increase the value of your home. But, let’s be honest: are you really keeping up with the care and maintenance of your surfaces?

Little home improvements can certainly go a long way. This means following your manufacturer care and maintenance guidelines every day, and also making sure damages, such as cracks, chips, stains, and scratches, get repaired or taken care of right away. You’ve spent all this money in your home and kitchen, so shouldn’t it be your top priority to protect your investment?

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Did you just take a break to examine every inch of your countertop and sink?

If you’re not at home to do so, you’re probably questioning the last time you had your countertops serviced. In fact, you probably did a little research and stumbled upon Surface Link and this blog. You need your countertop repaired, but you are also wondering what else needs to be done. Well, you’ve come to the right place – Surface Link has the scoop on special services that you may not have known existed! If you really want to know how to protect your investment, keep on reading…

Batman and Robin. Han Solo and Chewbacca. PB & J. Pinky and the Brain.

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Two is better than one, right? We all know for a fact that great things get accomplished when paired together. So, we’ve combined our most popular services to make the perfect dynamic duos, check them out:

1) Solid Surface or Corian Countertop Repairs and a Watermist Refinish


Surface Link Countertop Crack Repair Watermist Refinish Coutnertop Makeover

Getting a Watermist Refinishing service with your solid surface or Corian countertop repair is the ultimate dynamic duo. We’ll be sure that crack. chip or damaged area disappear, no problem! How about the rest of your countertops? They deserve the same care and treatment too! That’s when our Watermist Refinish comes to the rescue! Not only will a refinish help blend the repair to the rest of the countertops, it will also bring the rest of your countertops back to life. You can also get your sink refinished along with your countertops, so that everything will look new again! The best part about it? Your countertop makeover will take less than a day to complete!

Benefits of a Watermist Refinish with a Countertop Repair:

  • The finish of your countertops will be even throughout the surfaces
  • Scratches, nicks, marks, stains, and dull areas will be removed
  • Your countertops will be bacteria free
  • It will restore, revive and put that shine back in your countertops!


2) Watermist Refinish and Counter Armor

What’s better than getting a Surface Link Watermist Refinish? Having our certified technician apply Surface Link’s Counter Armor – it’s the cherry on top! What is Counter Armor exactly? Counter Armor is an evenly applied, sheer, protective layer of acrylic that is best when applied right after a Watermist refinish. Why both, you ask? While a refinish will even out the surfaces of your countertop and bring them to like-new conditions, combing it with Counter Armor will provide the absolute protection. Both will protect the surfaces of your solid surface countertop from build-up of scratches, dirt, oil, deep stains, and bacteria collecting on the surfaces of your countertop!

Benefits of Counter Armor with a Watermist Refinish:

  • Extends the life of your countertop by adding an extra protective layer to the surfaces
  • Creates a richer appearance to your countertop surfaces
  • Although Quartz/Engineered Stone and Solid Surface countertops are non-porous and scratch resistant, they are not scratch proof – Counter Armor will prevent scratches from reaching the actual surface of the countertop
  • Cleaning will practically be hassle-free!

Plus, your countertops will go from looking like this:

corian, solid surface countertop, solid surface scratches, corian scratch remover, corian scratch removal, watermist refinish, refinish, repair, surface link, solid surface, discoloration, countertop repair, countertop refinishBefore: These Corian Countertops were Dulled and Scratched Over Time

To this:

corian, solid surface countertop, solid surface scratches, corian scratch remover, corian scratch removal, watermist refinish, refinish, repair, surface link, solid surface, discoloration, countertop repair, countertop refinishAfter: The Difference is Amazing! Our Watermist Refinish brought these Corian Countertops Back to Life!

3) Granite Repair and Granite Sealer Application

When’s the last time you had your granite countertop sealed? Can’t remember? Don’t worry about it! Our certified technicians can perform a test on your granite countertop to determine whether or not it needs to be sealed or re-sealed. If your countertop needs to be sealed, you can decide whether or not you want us to complete the job on site, or you can do it yourself. But since we’re already there to repair your countertop crack, chip or seam separation, might as well kill two birds with one stone.  Remember, your countertops are an investment, so we’re giving you that extra nudge to make sure you’re treating your countertops with care so they can last a lifetime!

Benefits of Sealing your Granite after a Granite Countertop Repair:

  • Prevents liquids from seeping into the granite, which in the end prevents staining
  • Reduces etching caused by acidic food
  • Cleaning will be a breeze, since everything will be set on top of the sealed surface – just wipe away
  • It will preserve the natural beauty of your granite, especially after our repairs, you’re countertops will look new again!


After reading, you’ll see that Surface Link has more to offer than meets the eye! Our tagline – Excellence in Surface Repair and Restoration – may have already given you a slight idea of who we are and what we can offer; however, it probably didn’t give you the entire picture. On the surface, we may only be known or have the reputation of being just a “countertop repair company”. Trust us when we say we’re not just any countertop repair company – we’re your go-to, certified, manufacturer approved company for all your countertop and sink needs. Surface Link is your one-stop shop! 

If your countertops are important to you, they’re important to us.

Learn more about the other services we offer by clicking here. Surface Link will go the extra mile to repair, restore, revive and protect your investment, just give us a call!

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Do you have Solid Surface, Engineered Stone, Granite or another type of surface that is in need of repair work, modifications, or refinishing? Surface Link repairs all types of surface damage, no job is too small or large; from the smallest chip or scratch in your counter to the most extreme damage.

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