It’s that time of the year again – spring cleaning! This is the perfect time to examine your household items, appliances, and furniture, and then decide what you really want to keep or toss away.

Your old-fashioned, freestanding range is burning almost every meal you cook, so why not upgrade? With summer just around the corner, you’ll want to show off your kitchen and entertain your guests without feeling embarrassed.

SurfaceLink Kitchen Countertop Replacement

You’ve had your heart set on a brand-new cooktop for years now, and you determined that now is the best time to purchase it. You go to the store, find your new cooktop and, just your luck, it’s on sale! How can you resist? So you go ahead, make the purchase, and have it delivered to your home with same-day installation.

However, you’re so excited that your dream kitchen is coming together so quickly that you realize you completely forgot to take any measurements. Right when you think everything is going as planned, you realize that it’s possible that this may not work out. You think to yourself, can this even be accomplished?!

What do you do?
A) Return the new cooktop back to the store and install your outdated range back in its old place, tarnishing your dream of a new kitchen
B) Contact SurfaceLink to have your solid surface countertop modified to fit your new cooktop?

Of course you’ll want to go with option B! Why settle with your old free-standing range? SurfaceLink can modify your solid surface countertop to accurately fit any new appliance you purchase, including a new fridge, cooktop, range, oven, or they can even plug a faucet hole for you. You’ll have your dream kitchen in no time!

SurfaceLink cooktop countertop replacement

Would you have thought that a free-standing range was once installed here?

Steve, our Certified Technician in Maryland, not only tailored this countertop to fit this new cooktop, he also added a front edge and a backsplash to the countertop. In addition, Steve made sure that the countertop cutout was protected and updated to the manufacturer’s specifications.

SurfaceLink countertop cooktop replacement before and after

If you’re looking to have a similar service completed, just let us know. SurfaceLink will make it happen!