Chips come in many shapes & sizes. Thankfully, you have repair options!

For our do-it-yourself customers:

DIY countertop chip repairs are fast & easy. You just need the right supplies and a little patience!

First, purchase a Clear Repair Kit from Surface Link. For just $30, you can repair several chips and save the rest of the kit for later use. The kit contains all the supplies you need to repair those annoying countertop chips. The key item in the kit is the Clear LCA Adhesive. It is a UV adhesive that is cured within minutes with the included UV light.

Once you receive the kit, carefully follow the directions and watch your countertop go from chipped & damaged to smooth & shiny.

A quick run-through:

  • Put the UV adhesive into the chip and cover it with a small piece of plastic.
  • Cure the chip for a couple of minutes with the UV light.
  • Sand it smooth by hand with the supplied sandpaper.
  • Finally polish it by hand with the supplied polish.

Viola! You’re done.

If you’re interested in purchasing a countertop chip repair kit from Surface Link, contact us today!

For our busy customers:

Not everyone has extra time in between busy careers, parenting & so much more. If that’s the case, Surface Link’s technicians are available to handle those pesky nicks & chips.

Head over to this link to get a free quote on countertop chip repairs! Get a Quote



Repair completed by Surface Link.

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