Clients often meet with Cottage Industries for the first time harboring two common misconceptions: that using a design build firm for their remodeling project is financially out of their reach, or it’s an overly complicated approach to a simple remodel. That’s why, at our initial meeting, we take the time to explain how working with Cottage Industries gives homeowners the invaluable benefit of dealing with one firm that is focused solely on their needs, circumstances and budget.

Partnering with their design and construction professionals means that, instead of enduring the uncertainties and cost concerns often associated with the traditional construction process, you receive an all-inclusive experience that facilitates your remodeling project from start to finish. Their design-build process provides clients with many advantages, including:

• Concurrent design and construction services to ensure consistency of architectural and structural phases
• Immediate input from all involved parties, with greater flexibility regarding project revisions
• A potentially lower total project cost, as pricing is determined prior to start of construction

About Cottage Industries

Their award-winning home remodeling firm serves all of Philadelphia and the Main Line and as enthusiastic as they are about a finished project, they’re just as passionate about making the remodeling process enjoyable for the homeowners they serve. For over 25 years, they’ve taken the simple approach of treating each customer like family. Cottage’s principals, Nick Walker and Adam Sherman, have a long and interesting history. Introduced by a mutual friend, they quickly realized they shared an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for older homes. What started out as renovations for quick turnaround soon grew into the full service design build firm they are today. They love working with our homeowners throughout the entire design build process to help them realize the kitchen, bathroom, or whole house remodel of their dreams.

The Cottage Service

The remodeling process at Cottage Industries is designed to make sure the homeowners stay focused on the fun and exciting prospect of seeing their remodeling ideas come to life. They love doing kitchen transformations in Philadelphia, but more importantly, perform whole house renovations for many historic homes along the Main Line and Philadelphia. While they, too, enjoy the design and construction phases, they also handle all the more mundane tasks for their clients, such as costing, permitting, inspections and code review.

The Cottage Difference

Their process is simple. A client typically comes to them with an idea for a remodeling project and from day one they take a team approach to helping them realize it. Once they establish the scope of the project through questions asked at the initial meeting, their design team gets to work on a proposal that, once approved, leads to the design phase. Their goal in the design phase is to further narrow the project’s overall scope to determine the best design and budget direction.

It’s then on to the construction proposal, pre-construction planning and final construction phase, where they continue to walk hand-in-hand with their clients through the many decisions that go into the remodel. What they strive for during this phase is taking an often complex process and simplifying it as much as possible for the homeowner. Throughout it all, Cottage Industries aims for excellence, knowing that your home’s remodeling project is a substantial investment in your family’s future.

At Cottage Industries, they’re proud to say that homeowners who first approach the design-build process with more than a little trepidation quickly come to appreciate the expert advice, constant communication, and genuine enthusiasm they bring to their remodeling project. If you’d like to discover for yourself why they’re the perfect firm to make your next remodeling process an enjoyable experience, contact them to schedule a conversation. They’d love to have you as a member of the family.